International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT 2018)


Programme Schedule

Please find the schedule of the conference, below.

19 Mar 2018
09:0009:30Registration & Refreshment
09:3009:45Welcome Speech by Prof. Dr. Ronald Edwards (Vice Chancellor, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation)
09:4510:15Keynote Speech: Societal Grand Challenges in the 21st Century: The Future Shifts of Green Technology using Big Data (Prof Dr Ir Vinesh Thiruchelvam)
10:1510:30ID-73-Text Summarization Evaluation Based On Sentence Scoring And Clustering (Muhammad Azhari Ahmad)
10:3010:45ID-68-Assessing the Impact of Presentation Mining on Understanding among Visual Learners (Vinothini Kasinathan)
10:4511:00ID-89-Hidden Sentiment Behind Letter Repetition in Online Reviews (Irina Pak)
11:0011:15ID-88-Palm Oil Fresh Fruit Bunch Ripeness Grading Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network (Nurbaity Sabri)
11:1511:30ID-90-Blockchain-based Technology in the Coffee Supply Chain Trade: Case of Burundi Coffee (Vinesh Thiruchelvam)
11:3011:45ID-47-Measurement Tool for Assessing Research Information Management System Success (Nurazean Maarop)
11:4512:00ID-08-A New Design and Implementation of Wireless Flood Monitoring System (Yasir Hashim)
12:0013:30Lunch & Group Photo
13:3013:45ID-44-Dynamic Virtual Machine Allocation Policy for Load Balancing using PCA and Clustering technique in Cloud Computing (Nazatul Aini Abd Majid)
13:4514:00ID-46-Hybrid Segmentation Technique for Meningioma Tumor Detection using MRI Brain Images (Senthilkumaran N)
14:0014:15ID-41-Detection of Breast Thermograms using Ensemble Classifiers (Surekha Kamath)
14:1514:30ID-30-Genetic Algorithm Fuzzy Logic (GAFL) for Medical Knowledge-based Pattern Classification (Chin Hooi Tan)
14:3014:45ID-20-Human Activity Recognition based on Optimal Skeleton Joints using Convolution Neural Network (Nor Surayahani Suriani)
14:4515:00ID-14-Travel Planning Application: Combining Linear Programming and Shortest Route Problem to Optimize Travelers’ Satisfactions (Phattharaphong Kaoian)
15:3015:45ID-58-Analysis of Research Topics and Collaborative Network of Thai Government Supported Scholars (Sirikorn Santirojanakul)
15:4516:00ID-76-A Non-Invasive Approach for Human Fall Risk Assessments (Mohd Norzali Hj Mohd)
16:0016:15ID-64-The Determinant Factors Affecting The Cloud Computing Adoption By Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) In Sabah, Malaysia (Fook Ming Chin)
16:1516:30ID-22-A Fuzzy Model for Detecting and Predicting Cloud Quality of Service Violation (Hassan Mahmood Khan)
16:3016:45ID-70- The Impact of Web 2.0 on Sustainable Tourism (Mohamad Firdaus Che Abdul Rani)
16:4517:00Certificate Distribution | Best Paper Award Ceremony | Closing Speech
20 Mar 2018
09:0009:30Registration & Refreshment
09:4510:30Keynote Speech: The Importance of Scientific Method in Evidence Analysis (Mohd Zabri Adil Bin Talib)
10:3010:45ID-02-Analysis of Features for Malware Visualization (Ganthan Narayana Samy)
10:4511:00ID-26-Android Malware Detection Technique via Feature Analysis (Chiew Kang Leng)
11:0011:15ID-13-A Review of the Latest WannaCry Ransomware: Preventive Measures and Remediation Techniques (Soheil Askarifar)
11:1511:30ID-78-Block Chain for a Secured and Forensically Sound IoT Environment (Seetaram Chandrashekhar)
11:3011:45ID-42-Dual Encryption Techniques for Secure Image Transmission (Andik Setyono)
11:4512:00ID-74-Mobile Malware Call Logs Classification Based on API (Madihah Mohd Saudi)
12:0013:30Lunch & Group Photo
13:3013:45ID-19-Dense-Cluster based Voting Approach for License Plate Identification (Maryam Asadzadehkaljahi)
13:4514:00ID-54-Mining Vibrational Effects on Off-line Handwriting Recognition (Liang Chern Wong)
14:0014:15ID-21-Early Detection of Breast Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques : A Literature Review (Maryam Tahmooresi)
14:1514:30ID-52-Statistical Analysis of Badminton Three-Zone Lunge: Training versus Singles (Jerome Jie Jen Lee)
14:3014:45ID-67-Classifying the Archery Performance with Conditional Effects on Angular and Linear Shooting Techniques (Wei Ping Loh)
14:4515:00ID-53-Leaf Mechanical Resistance: Effect of Leaf Geometry Shapes for Maturity Classification (Choo Wooi H'Ng)
15:3015:45ID-31-A Graduation Certificate Verification Model via Utilisation of the Block-chain Technology (Osman Ghazali)
15:4516:00ID-82-Combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and Simulation for Crew Boat Scheduling (Siri-On Setamanit)
16:0016:15ID-77-Traffic Congestion Notification System (Amie Rosarie Caballo)
16:1516:30ID-86-TouristicAR: A smart glass based context-aware AR application for measuring tourist acceptance at UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Waqas Obeidy)
16:3016:45ID-57-Performance Evaluation of a Hybrid Speech Recognition System (Praveen Edward James)
16:4517:00ID-10-Malware Classification and Detection using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) (Maryam Shahpasand)
17:0017:15Certificates Distribution | Best Paper Award Ceremony | Closing Speech