International Association of Artificial Intelligence

These days, the use of  artificial intelligence systems has become more important in decision making due to the knowledge developments  and the complexity of the decision-making process. The IAAI association aims to provide the international conferences focus in current technique and future trends in Artificial Intelligence both in fundamentals and applied approaches.


Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on the Artificial Intelligence, the IAAI serves as a forum for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving in the field of AI.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Expert Systems
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning
  • Decision Making
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Bayesian networks
  • Ant colony optimization
  • Natural language processing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Image/Video Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Bioinformatics
  • Signal Processing
  • Augmented Reality

Advisory Board: 

To join IAAI advisory board, please send your CV to admin@iraseat.com.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Babak Bashari Rad
Chair of IAAI
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Professor Dr. R. Logeswaran
IAAI Advisor
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
Dr. Danial Hooshyar
IAAI Advisor
Korea University
South Korea
Dr. Sathish Kumar Selva Perumal
IAAI Advisor
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
Dr. Amena Mahmoud Abdel Salam
IAAI Advisor
Kafr El Sheikh University