IRASEAT welcome all professionals to join us. There will be no membership fee in according with our objective to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, freely.

There are three types of memberships in our associations:

1. Basic Members

All students, researchers, engineers, and scientists can join our technical associations. All members can access to our online resources, freely. They also can benefit discounts (up to 20%) in international conferences, publications, and professional training courses. A membership code will be allocated to all members, and they will receive an e-certificate of basic membership for the relevant association.

Every 6 months, our associations chairs and advisory panel review the activities of basic members and make recommendation for inviting the qualified basic members to become an expert member.

2. Expert Members

The grade of Expert Member is conferred by invitation of the he advisory panels of technical associations. For transferring to the grade of Expert Member, it requires solid experience reflecting the maturity in research and professional experiences and activities in the relevant fields of the association. Usually, our expert Members are professors and lecturers, researchers and scientists, PhD holders, and experienced engineers.

Besides the benefits of the basic members, Expert Members are invited to join the panels of technical associations, editorial board, conferences advisory boards, review committees of journals and conferences. They are also welcome to become organizer or general chair of our international conferences and partook financial profits.

They can also benefit a discount up to 50% in international conferences, publications, and professional training courses. They receive an e-certificate of expert membership for the relevant association.

3. Advisory Panel

Our advisory panels are elected by vote of basic and experts members of associations, annually. They are main people to manage associations and establish the policies and strategies. They contribute in management and organisation of conferences, journals, and training.

They can also benefit a discount up to 80% in international conferences and publications. They receive an e-certificate of advisory panel for the relevant associations.

Each association has a chair, whom is selected annually, by advisory panels, through an election. The chair of association is responsible for management of all activities of the association. The chair of advisory panel can receive a discount up to 100% in international conferences and publications.

Please note the discounts mentioned above is based on the activities of members in the past, and will be decided by event managers or IRASEAT manager, for each individual.