IRASEAT BV is a knowledge based company currently registered in Netherlands, with the main focus on especial activities to contribute both academic and industrial services and projects. Having strong academic and technical experiences and skills sets, the IRASEAT aims to provide an effective platform to collaborate the research and developments in the field of science, engineering and advanced technologies.


To be a leading global organization in advanced and innovative research and development (R&D) in science, engineering and advanced technologies.


  • To advance knowledge through quality research for humanity.
  • To provide knowledge oriented platform for enabling and encouraging researchers and industries to take creative and constructive actions which contributes to the improvement of their communities.
  • To serve as a research and development hub in various fields of science, engineering and advanced technologies.

Core Values

Our competence, integrity and knowledge based approaches make us unique.

The International Research Academy of Science, Engineering and Advanced Technologies (IRASEAT) is a research platform and organisation. The IRASEAT organizes multidisciplinary international conferences for academics and professionals with wide range of specializations in three main domains including science, engineering and advanced technologies. The IRASEAT members have the academic and industrial based skills to organize and host the international conferences and events along with publications in three major categories as follows:

Academic Conferences and Publications

  • The growing trend towards research and its important role in humanity future motivates IRASEAT team to organize leading-edge scientific conferences worldwide. The Academic conferences provides students, academicians, researches, and professionals with an effective platform to share their finding and contributions in science, engineering and advanced technology. In addition, the IRASEAT team closely collaborate with high quality journals to facilitate the publication of original and high quality research papers that presented in the conferences.

Applied Science Conferences and Magazines

In addition to the fundamental academic conferences, the IRASEAT team organizes the events focus on the presenting and publication of innovative applied scientific contributions that help universities and industries to develop more practical applications. The main aim of the applied science events is to bridging the gaps between universities and industrial bodies to ensure the transformation of academic finding into applied industrial applications.

Technical Knowledge Sharing Events and Training Courses

  • Finally, the IRASEAT closely coordinates with professionals and experts to organize the technical knowledge sharing events along with training.