International Association of Communication Technology

The use of modern technology to improve communications plays an important role as the day to day activities are strongly dependent on it. The IACT encompasses research and development of every communication device including phones, industrial and embedded devices, computer hardware and software, and web applications.


Through regularly scheduled conferences and workshops on the Communication Technology, the IACT serves as a forum for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving in the filed of communication and telecommunication.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Broad Band Communication
  • Computer and Intelligent Communication
  • Mobile and Optical Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile and Optical Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network Security
  • Advanced VLSI Systems
  • Embedded Wireless Systems

Advisory Board: 

To join IACT advisory board, please send your CV to admin@iraseat.com.


Dr. Reza Adinehnia
IACT Chair
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammed Ali Aydin
IACT Advisor
Istanbul University
Dr. Maen Tayseer Ekrayem Alrashd
IACT Advisor
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)